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BeatRoute – Virgin Thriller Demo Review

Virgin Thriller Demo

Virgin Thriller Demo

Read BeatRoute’s review of our very shoddily recorded demo.

If you like kickass rock ‘n’ roll, then your new favourite band (and my new favourite band) is Napalmpom. And by “kickass rock ‘n’ roll,” I mean, “loud and sleazy, gutsy and dirty.” It all sounds like a hedonistic celebration, underscoring the fact that Napalmpom are what is great about rock. A band like this is at once not taking themselves too seriously but still delivering seriously great music. They sound like they’re having fun, which is reflected in the music.

The lead guitar cranks out the catchy hooks with the right wall of distortion. The songs never out-stay their welcome. If pressed to make such a comparison, the band would fit easily alongside the new-wave garage grunge of Cloud Nothings, Ladyhawk or Japandroids, even through their heavy throwback nods to Thin Lizzy.

“Guided by Volume” is an outstanding example of their power. The demo, described as a “rough preview” of things to come with new singer P.J. Lavergne, is a glimpse into how much potential this band has. The song is wildly infectious – crush those cans and then I dare you to not sing, “I’ve seen the future/Have you, have you,” with them. Whatever they saw was clearly promising. More, please.

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