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ImVeryApe – 20 Favourite Calgary Songs Of The Past 10 Years

ImVeryApe chose us (and some of our personal favourites too) as among the best Calgary songs of the last ten years. I mean, maybe we should have had multiples on there, but…we’ll take it!

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 3.02.56 PM#6 NAPALMPOM – GUIDED BY VOLUME (2014)

I wrote about Guided by Volume over a year ago when the track was but a wee demo. It wasn’t beautifully mastered, it definitely put the “garage” in garage rock. However, the band was confident enough in the power of the song to release it “as is”. And for good reason, even without the perfect sound, Guided by Volume was pure fist-pumping rock gold. Hearing it now in 2014, with all of its edited glory, you can truly experience what heights the track was meant to reach. It is Japandroids-esque anthem rock at its best.

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