Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Exclaim! – “Guided By Volume” Video Premiere

Exclaim! premiered our newest video…it rules. It’s kind of like a reverse shreds video for Mumford & Sons? Read up on it here (or check it out below).

Calgary’s Napalmpom aren’t afraid to have fun. Their band bio describes them as “celebratory rock’n’roll so good that even the members of the band play air guitar along to it,” and their latest video definitely shows off their sense of humour.

The clip for “Guided by Volume” features spliced-together footage of Mumford and Sons performing live synced to Napalmpom’s straight-up rock’n’roll tune. If you’ve ever wondered what Mumford and Sons might sound like if they got smacked in the face with an AC/DC record and ditched the banjos, well — they still probably wouldn’t sound like Napalmpom, but the video is nevertheless a fun exercise in imagination.

The band’s debut LP The Unconditional Love of Napalmpom is set to arrive on October 17 on Teenage Rampage, but you can watch the crowds go wild for Mumford and Sons’ take on “Guided by Volume” in the player below right now.

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