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ImVeryApe – “Guided By Volume” Review

The folks over at ImVeryApe wrote some nice things about one of our songs. Read up and listen here.

imveryapeNapalmpom is garage rock, and it is damn good garage rock. With a celebratory Japandroids-esque sound, they blast out fist-pumping ear candy from their amps that you’ll wanna break a beer bottle to. Just take Guided by Volume, as it races off the blocks with guitarist Shawn Petsche doing a kind of muted Where the Streets Have No Name intro and Craig Evans dropping in the reverb, you know you are in for some anthemic music. Vocalist P.J. Lavergne finds himself in the sweet spot between Julian Casablancas’ cool-as-hell aloofness and Brian King’s holding-nothing-back cries, and manages to match the energy of the warring guitars. Listening to him scream “and you!” with a hellfire of drums and strings relentlessly swarming around him, it’s not hard to tell Napalmpom is the kind of great band that will leave every last drop of energy on the stage. Which for garage rock, or any kind of music, is good. Damn good.

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