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Calgary Is Awesome – Best Of 2013

Read up on CalgaryIsAwesome’s Best Of 2013 – they chose not just a song, but everything about us as their pick of the year!

My fellow editors got to chime in on which YYC band, album, or song rocked their socks this past year:

If Calgary had a Tiger Beat, he’d make the cover ten times over, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s Firecracker is Irene’s pick for this year.

Jennifer’s chosen a cover of Calgary band Loverboy’s, Working for the Weekend.  Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) dedicates this one to Rob Ford on Conan O’Brien a few weeks back…

Sunday Dress from Rae Spoon’s soundtrack for My Prairie Home, “hit me with a truck”, Amy Jo says, “it’s so beautiful and moving, simple but elegant, and very poignant”.

Local Lit and Historian editors tipped their hats to Outlaws of Ravenhurst’s album Book II.  Angelo’s favourite being Muckle John and Wiseman’s Secret Passages, “there are no words”, Blaine says.

Scott had a hard time picking a particular tune and threw Napalmpom as a whole for his choice.  “Nick Taylor, actually put me onto their sound.  I like fuzz guitars and rock that kicks you in the face, and these guys deliver”.

Nerd Life Nick awarded Raleigh’s track China Flowers, with his “Man they’re great” trophy.

Tegan & Sara win most plays and song sung by Vincci in her car with I Couldn’t Be Your Friend from their latest, Heartthrob.

Terrence submitted young and soulful jazz singer, Ellen Doty as his selection for her song, That’s Love.

Last but not least, I have to give a shout out to Devonian Gardens.  This band manages to hit the inner depths of whomever it was I’m a reincarnate of.  My 2013 pick goes to these guys and their song Goldbond from their full length album, Solar Shifting.  I appreciate a song that can take me on a trip, and Goldbond is able to do so.  It starts out unassuming with a twangy feel, just as you’re getting comfortable it comes to a halt.  The drums come in, then the sitar-esque guitar layers on top, turning the last half of the song into your own interpretation…just close your eyes, turn on, tune in, and drop out.

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