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Audio Ammunition – The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom Review

AudioAmmunition wrote up a great review of our debut LP. Read it here!

preorderNapalmpom – The Unconditional Love of Napalmpop Cassette (Shake! Records)

This record is so fun and massive I am surprised any kind of plastic record format can contain it for very long. If you lived in the mid 1970’s suburbs when all there was to really worry about on a Saturday night was where the beer and girls were, then this album would be your 1st choice to play loud as you pull out of your driveway and head out of your to pick up your buddies for the evening. Napalmpom take tiny piranha bites of The Who, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, AC/DC and mix them in a cauldron bubbling over with exhilaration and irreverence. I know this is a tall order of comparisons, but Napalmpom don’t impersonate, they use all of the above elements to concoct their own unique mixture of explosive 70’s style R-O-C-K!   ~ J Castro

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