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CalgaryIsAwesome – Find The Rock & Roll Within You

CalgaryIsAwesome posted up a little piece about our video for “Guided By Volume.” Give it a read here!

CalgaryIsAwesome Feature

CalgaryIsAwesome Feature

When Calgary comes to mind, the first thought that usually runs through your musical brain is country. Let me reassure you, Calgary is much more than just country music. The Rock and Roll band Napalmpom shows us just that. With a recent video release and constant work on an upcoming LP on October 17, these guys are Calgary’s next big thing.

Napalmpom is composed of five guys; P.J Lavergne, Craig Evans, Shawn Petsche, Ian Baker and Matthew Bayliff who all play an important role in the functionality of the band. With help from art director Geoffrey Hanson (who’s past work includes Robert Plant and Kings Of Leon) and record label Teenage Rampage the hype around this LP is not uncommon.

Featured here is Napalmpom’s newly released video entitled, “Guided by Volume”. For all you rock fans the video may look a little familiar. Shawn Petsche, the bands strings player explains it all.

“In the video, we live sync’d Mumford & Sons to our song, “Guided By Volume.” On the one hand, it’s just meant to be a pretty obvious sight gag; to have a huge rock & roll track seemingly plaid by banjos and stand-up bass. On the other hand, it speaks to our weird little place, as a rock & roll band that is not at all ironic about what we do, within music today. It’s a nice place to be, where we are, but we know that rock & roll doesn’t really fill the stadiums like mope folk does. It’s also a little poke at the fact that, despite constant claims of “authenticity,” the indie folk movement has as much posturing as honest-to-goodness rock & roll, but maybe isn’t self-aware or confident enough to embrace that?

Finally, it was edited down from a full Mumford & Sons concert, which I guess, in a way, just speaks to the fact that you’ve got to edit down the best 3:30 from a two hour Mumford & Sons show to get an approximation of the fun that happens during everyone of our songs.

It was a weird experience making the video. Beforehand, I had never actually known what the members looked like. Afterwards, I developed mini relationships with each member. Like the blue headband guy – I could always count on him to ham it up and give me a funny show, whereas the banjo player was always serious and fairly closely mimicking what our song was doing musically. I’m still not sure if the band has a dedicated drummer, though. I edited the entire thing without listening to a single second of Mumford & Sons’ music.”

If you haven’t already pre ordered some of their 9 LP release tracks, we strongly suggest you take a listen. For event and concert listings for Napalmpom check out https://www.songkick.com/artists/6762369-napalmpom. Here’s to embracing Calgary’s rock and roll side!

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