Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom Advent Calendar Day 3

You know how on Christmas morning sometimes your aunt tells you that the post office fucked up delivery and your gift won’t actually arrive until the new year? She gives you a card with a picture of the gift in it…well, this is kind of like that, only instead of a Peter Criss action figure (when you wanted Ace Frehley), it’s the greatest gift ever…

Public Animal/Napalmpom Split 10" - Summer 2015

Public Animal/Napalmpom Split 10″ – Summer 2015

BEHOLD: Advent Calendar Day 2:
Announcing Split 10″ w/ Public Animal – Summer 2015

Yup, this summer, Public Animal/Napalmpom split 10″ vinyl w/ Western Canadian dates.

For those who don’t know who Public Animal are, y’all should remedy that right now. They’re fronted by Ian Blurton of Change Of Heart, a band that changed the Canadian touring landscape and birthed a thousand new, inspired bands, Blurtonia (both of their albums are underrated Canrock classics) and C’mon, not to mention producer of some of the country’s greatest albums and backed by a powerhouse band featuring members of Tricky Woo (!!), Bella Clava and The Lying Cheats.

Why not celebrate the announcement by heading over to Public Animal’s bandcamp and picking up the incredible Habitat Animal album, a rock & roll concept album about a character from an Alice Cooper song and then picking up their brand new, digital-only single, “Stolen Eyes.” It’s got hooks for miles!

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