Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom Advent Calendar Day 7

A week in and…it’s starting to be tough to come up with gifts for you. But hey, someone flown into Calgary once told us that as a band, we should view ourselves as content providers. Dunno’ about you, but a Sunday seems like a pretty good day to curl up and watch a movie.

Fehérlófia (Son Of The White Mare)

Fehérlófia (Son Of The White Mare)

Behold: Advent Calendar Day 7
Feherlofia (Full Film)
…when opening for (This Is) Spinal Tap, we projected this batshit insane Hungarian animation behind us. It is incredible and WELL worth your time. We’re so taken by it that…before the end of the month you might just see another little Advent Calendar post dedicated to it. Anywho, watch it…now!

…and check out what it was like when we played in front of it at the Plaza Theatre for the Fifth Reel’s screening of This Is Spinal Tap:

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