Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom/Public Animal Split 12″ Out Now!


Split 12"It’s not so much a split as it is a coming together…of Eastern and Western Canadian true believers of rock & roll music. Public Animal is far more ambitious than your standard fare riff rock, but that’s to be expected from a band fronted by Canadian national treasure Ian Blurton (Change Of Heart, C’mon) who have already penned a rock opera based on a character from an Alice Cooper song. Napalmpom are the children of 70s and 90s Canrock, offering up a celebratory and songwriting-first take on the kinds of songs that regularly feature multiple guitar solos. They somehow got nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for “Best Rock Recording.”

Each band contributes new original songs and a Canadian cover, streamable today via Exclaim! before embarking on a two-week tour of Canada together.

Public Animal did a Living Proof cover (“Don’t Let Me”) because they should be included in the same breath that whispers Personality Crisis/Nils/early 80s Canaduh but rarely are. The three originals highlights include: their first drum break on a song, their first crack at writing a theme for an imaginary TV show (Northern Girls) and the sludgiest 12 bars they’ve recorded yet. Produced by the band and mixed by Adrian Popovich (Tricky Woo) inside Frank Marino’s moustache.

Napalmpom did a Jr. Gone Wild cover (“Cosmos”) for a variety of reasons: because producer Lorrie Matheson called them proto-Napalmpom, because frontman Mike McDonald’s soon-to-be defunct Edmonton record store, Permanent Records, keeps selling their LPs and because, well, they think it’s funny to watch their singer run out of breath trying to keep up with the lyrics to the “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It”-precursor. Their originals feature the first song they ever wrote together and a brand new one that is a middle finger to the usual macho rock & roll subject matter.

Public Animal Side:
Horizon’s Gone / Breaking The Low / Theme From Northern Girls / Don’t Let Me
Napalmpom Side:
Make Me Cry / Watch It Burn / Cosmos


  • 08/14 – Regina, SK: Public Animal, The Bolans, Herb And The Humans, Royal Red Brigade @ German Club
  • 08/15 – Saskatoon, SK: Public Animal, Jumbo, Black Hell Oil @ Amigos
  • 08/18 – Nanaimo, BC: Public Animal, Moths & Locusts, RadCo @ The Queens
  • 08/19 – Victoria, BC: Public Animal, Moths & Locusts, Crashing Into Things @ Copper Owl


  • 08/20 – Vancouver, BC: Slow Learners, Public Animal, Napalmpom, Moths & Locusts @ The Emerald
  • 08/21 – Calgary, AB: Two-floor Denim Tuxedo Party w/ Napalmpom, Public Animal, Black Thunder, Black Hell Oil, Moths/Locusts, Miesha & The Spanks, Sequicons @ Palomino Smokehouse (limited edition patch for wearing a denim tuxedo)
  • 08/22 – Edmonton, AB: Napalmpom, Public Animal, Counterfeit Jeans @ Brixx
  • 08/23 – Lethbridge, AB: Napalmpom, Public Animal, Supervoid @ The Slice
  • 08/26 – Winnipeg, MB: Public Animal, Napalmpom @ Windsor Hotel
  • 08/27 – Thunder Bay, ON: Public Animal, Napalmpom @ The Foundry
  • 08/28 – Sudbury, ON: Public Animal, Napalmpom, Lanorme @ The Townehouse
  • 08/29 – Montreal, QC: Beat Cops, Public Animal, Napalmpom @ Turbohaus
  • 08/30 – Toronto, ON: Public Animal, Beat Cops, Napalmpom @ Silver Dollar

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