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New Napalmpom Tune On Pentagon Black Compilation No.2 Out Now!

Surprise! We’ve got a brand new track out today on the Pentagon Black Compilation No.2, yet another incredible project put together by The Famines. It’s called “What Do You Want Me To Say,” affectionately referred to as Operation Sore Thumb of the Pentagon Black Compilation No.2. You can download that digital file right now for whatever you want to pay us, or, what we recommend, buy one of the incredible Pentagon Black poster compilations online or at our official release show on April 26th at the Ship & Anchor Pub (w/ BA Johnston). You can buy it here!

So about that comp…a paper compilation, you ask? Yes, it’s a 20″x30″ double-sided print designed by Raymond Biesinger to represent each of the bands/songs on the comp…so you know it’s a thing of beauty. The print comes with a download code for the entire compilation, 24 exclusive, never before released songs by incredible bands from across Canada including Pale Lips, Betrayers, Century Palm, Mauno, respectfulchild, Man Meat, Protruders and oh so many more. 14 more to be exact.

It’s a fascinating project…a response to the idea that you need a publicist to get the word out about your band (24 like minded bands across the country can spread the word just as well?). A response to the crazy costs and turnaround time of putting out an LP these days (just print it out!). A response to those articles about how the vinyl boom is a facade, with people buying records without having a way to play them (sure, you could frame an LP, but this way you won’t be asked why you’d do that when you can’t play it anymore).

Long ramble aside…it’s an incredible compilation and we were touched to be asked to be a part of it.

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