Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom – Press Highlights

The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom and our split with Public Animal have been doing bonkers-well since they came out. Here are some of the highlights!

  • Polaris Music Prize 2017 Longer List – The Core Competencies Of Napalmpom
  • Polaris Music Prize 2014 Longer List – The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom
  • Western Canadian Music Awards Nominee – Best Rock Recording (The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom)
  • Back-to-back 4 star reviews in NOW Magazine
  • CBC Music Awards Nominee – Best Independent Artist
  • CBC Music – Best New Music Video Selection “Guided By Volume”
  • Sophmore LP currently charting on !EarShot Top 50 national campus and community radio charts for 4 straight weeks
  • Debut LP charted to #3 on CJSW Radio’s Top 50 – all genres
  • “Make Me Cry” selected as 30th best indie song of 2014 by CBC Music
  • “Make Me Cry” charted to #3 on CBC R3-30 national charts, stayed in top 30 for 13 straight weeks
  • “Seamstress” debuted at #4 on CBC R3-30 national charts, stayed in top 30 for 7 weeks
  • “Sirius” charted to #8 on CBC R3-30 charts, stayed in top 30 for 9 straight weeks
  • Chosen as one of the 15 best punk bands of 2015 by CBC Music
  • Chosen as one of 12 Calgary acts to watch in 2016 by CBC Music
  • Chosen as one of the 20 Calgary bands to watch in 2016 by The Calgary Herald
  • Debut LP debuted at #29 on !Earshot Top 50 national campus and community radio charts
  • Debut LP chosen as one of the 5 best Calgary releases in 2014 by The Calgary Herald
  • Debut LP chosen as #5 best album of 2014 by The Avant Garage / CJSW Radio
  • Debut LP chosen as one of the best Alberta releases of 2014 by CKUA Radio
  • Debut LP chosen as the #3 best album of 2014 by ImVeryApe
  • Debut LP chosen as one of the 20 best Canadian albums of 2014 by Rokline (Roky Awards)
  • Debut LP chosen as one of the best albums of 2014 by CupsNCakes Podcast
  • “Guided By Volume” selected as one of the 30 best songs of 2014 by CupsNCakes Podcast
  • “Guided By Volume” selected as 14th best song of 2014 by ImVeryApe
  • Debut LP chosen as “Best Album Art Of 2014” by Intuitive Company
  • Top 16 CBC Semi-finalist in nationwide Searchlight contest
  • Top 8 in POP Montreal nationwide online video contest
  • X92.9 Xposure contest semi-finalist

“Calgary rock gods Napalmpom show they also have pop and heart at their core with sophomore album…nothing short of a revelation, nothing short of brilliant. Yes, it’s loud and crunchy, but it’s also fun, cheeky, cool, sweet and pop as fuck.” – TheYYScene (Mike Bell)

NNNN/NNNNN “It all makes for an invigorating listen that bounces between super-fun party music and thoughtful, genre-stretching rock and roll. There’s a sense of freedom to it all, something we all need a good dose of as often as possible.” – NOW Toronto (Carla Gillis)

“Core Competencies Of Napalmpom is a shining achievement in the rock n roll genre.” – Cups N Cakes

****/***** “The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom is about giving one’s self over to the catharsis of rock ‘n’ roll-and like a sweaty dance pit, it’s a ton of fun.” – VueWeekly

“The reigning kings of retro, party rockin’ finally dropped their long-promised debut — one that proved worth the wait. Soaked in the ’70s, and deep fried in an unabashed joy and respect for the three or four chords that powered all of rock music’s greats, it still manages to sound here, now and something all its own.” – Mike Bell, Calgary Herald

“This record is so fun and massive I am surprised any kind of plastic record format can contain it for very long.” – Audio Ammunition

“If you like kickass rock n’ roll, then your new favourite band (and my new favourite band) is Napalmpom” – BeatRoute

“I’d argue we need a lot more feel-good rock and roll, especially now, and Core Competencies provides more of that than you might even think possible. The album is gapless, leaving nothing but 45ish minutes of non-stop energy.” – Gray Owl Point

“…respect and reverence translates throughout Unconditional Love, from the music on its grooves — including superb opener Guided By Volume, the sweet ’70s song Feint of Heart, and album/every show closer Napalmpom National Anthem — to the retro LP packaging which is a black-and-white cartoon Schoolhouse Rock-like concoction” – Calgary Herald

NNNN/NNNNN “Toronto’s Public Animal and Calgary’s Napalmpom both bathe in the celebratory power and timelessness of rawk, so it makes total sense that they’d each take a side on an impassioned, riff-oriented split 12-inch. Beyond the scuzzy guitars and sonic similarities within the production, their spirited sense of abandonment and joy makes this a seamless listen.” – NOW Toronto (Vish Khanna)

“Continuing to connect with audiences through the sweet relief of rock and roll, Napalmpom’s newest will surely bring out the best of you and put a smile on your face.” – BeatRoute (Jackie Klapak )

“As good as their debut The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom was, the new collection is that much more refined and sure of its power and direction, and that much more powerful and wonderful as a result.” – TheYYScene (Mike Bell)

“Teenage Rampage Records is really blasting off with a bang, considering the quality of its first few releases. Canada’s west coast has always been better than the rest of the country at this game. Think Von Zippers, The Black Halos, and pretty much every group from Vancouver. I’m not sure if it’s the crude oil from the tar sands in the water or what, but it’s undeniable. Napalmpom play rock and roll, the Calgarian way. Progressive, loud rock with hints of indulgence and maybe even indie rock, but I couldn’t mean that in a better way. It’s the many layers of parts musical slices that keep this record great. I’m sold. Sign me up for the long haul.” – Razorcake (Steve Adamyk)

4.5/5 “Do NOT play this in your car. You will air guitar in the car. That’s dangerous.” – AvantGarage

“It is a tour de force of high energy sound, and it is fan-fuckin’-tastic.” – ImVeryApe

Special 11/11 rating “In the way it celebrates all things that rock, The Unconditional Love is a throwback to a time when kids plastered their bedroom walls with rock posters and flocked to packed stadiums to witness their musical heroes in all their deafening glory.” Faster And Louder

“Like if Japandroids went back in time and hooked up with AC/DC.” – Grayowl Point

“…a brazen homage to the bands the group loves most, from AC/DC to Thin Lizzy, Tricky Woo to the Hellacopters.” – Vue Weekly

“Shedding the desire to be “fashionable” in favour of bringing a bold and fervent pulse back to rock and roll music not only drives Napalmpom’s motivation, but it’s clearly evident in the final product.” – BeatRoute

“This Calgary band fires off with power-chord fervour and strained-vocal-chord intensity. Every song a performance that Fucked Up and Japandroids would happily head bang to. Heart? These guys are all heart. You simply can’t play a song without noticing the giant one pulsing right in front of you.” – ImVeryApe

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