Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom Advent Calendar Day 1

Well folks, the holidays are here and we thought we’d get in the spirit by doing 25 days of Napalmpom because…well, because everyday should include Napalmpom. It should be noted that it took all of our willpower to avoid calling this the RADvent Calendar. Anywho, every single day of December we’ll be posting a different mini-gift: from unreleased recordings to shitty demo previews of album #2 to mixes to weird rock & roll oddities. They’ll be up for December before we take ’em all down, so grab ’em while you can! Consider them part of the world’s greatest stocking!

Napalmpom - Live at CJSW 2014

Napalmpom – Live at CJSW 2014

BEHOLD: Advent Calendar Day 1:
CJSW Live Session
Recorded March 27, 2014 for the Pillage The Village 10 Year Anniversary Show

It features some really, really savage guitar tones. It’s almost like they were recorded way in the red on a new-to-the-campus console that was acting a bit finicky. Almost like that, yeah…

1 – Guided By Volume (3:49)
2 – Get With Me/Sirius (5:40)
3 – Interview / Runnin’ In The Red (7:01)
4 – Make Me Cry (3:55)
5 – Interview / Biblical (5:22)
6 – Interview (10:31)
Download now!

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