Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom Advent Calendar Day 10

Hey, an ACTUAL gift for once! Well, if you consider a contest a gift.

Win Freeze Fest tickets!

Win Freeze Fest tickets!

Behold Advent Calendary Day 10
Win two tickets to this Friday’s show!

So, this Friday we’re playing the Nite Owl with The Wet Secrets, who write the best pop songs, Sidney York, who we hope is going to make full use of the colourful light-up floor and The LBJs who are early 2000 Estrus-level raw rock & roll. All you have to do to enter is write something, anything, in the comment section here: from a link to a song you dig to a recipe we should try to a simple “hi.” Comment here and we’ll pick a winner soon-ish!

19 Responses to “Napalmpom Advent Calendar Day 10”

    • napalmpom

      Love Annie – she’s a shredder. An artist. I feel like this is…insincere. Probably more from the filmmaker’s side than hers, though. So we give it a pass!

  1. Frank

    I’m sitting on a bus bench and I think my buns are frozen to the metal. I need hot riffs to melt me off!


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