Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom Advent Calendar Day 11

Once upon a time, our friend Darren Ollinger had a birthday party and asked us to play it. Knowing his favourite band in the universe was Rocket From The Crypt (his first wedding dance song was even an RFTC tune), we put together a little gift for him, that’s now a gift for you…

Scream Ollinger Scream

Scream Ollinger Scream

Behold: Advent Calendar Day 11
Napalmpom – Scream Ollinger Scream EP (Rock It For The Ship)

Yup, we recorded three RFTC songs in Shawn’s apartment…using Garageband software…virtual amps…and electronic drums. So it might not sound the greatest, in fact, it straight up doesn’t. It may actually represent the kind of recording approach RFTC themselves would trash talk, but…it’s got heart and good intentions. So go easy on it? Give it a listen!

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