Celebratory rock & roll from Calgary, Alberta.

Napalmpom Advent Calendar Day 12

Another one of those IOU kinda’ gifts, but at least this one happens SOON.

Photo: Cole Hofstra

Photo: Cole Hofstra

Behold: Advent Calendar Day 12
We’ll play a new song tonight!

We’ve got about 9-10 half finished songs for album #2, but this song is more like 90% finished. So, we’re going to try our best not to trainwreck it tonight and actually change the set up a bit. Expect: a big stompy riff, b chords, a noisy build-up in the breakdown and lots of heart. You know, a Napalmpom song! We’ll play it tonight, somewhere in and around 11pm at the Nite Owl for Freeze Fest with The Wet Secrets, Sidney York and The LBJs.

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